Tire Run

Agility / Jumping

Tire run lets customers test their agility by running through the tires or their balance by running on top.


20 Foot Feature
  • Multiple uses for a wide range of accessibility and challenge
  • Low-profile is suitable for shallow waters
  • Large stable surface area provides space for multiple users




# of Anchors


Water Depth

3'10" (1,15 M)


20'0" x 6'0" x 2'1" (610 x 183 x 63 cm)

Working Pressure

1.75 PSI (0,12 BAR)


139 LBS (63 KG)


All products include a repair kit and the proper amount of mooring bungees. The collections include additional connection covers for the space between each feature, an important safety construct that no one else in the industry has been able to offer. 

Due to production demand, our classic aqua blue feature color is the only available option for individual orders. For custom designed parks, we do offer design services and custom color options. Contact us to learn more!

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If our collections don't tickle your fancy, feel free to build your own custom park from our full list of products. Once you have a rough idea in mind, let us know! We love finding ways to make your creative vision come to life. 

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What’s included

The Union Experience


Full-installation: We have teams of installers available to expertly install your park. The crew will anchor and inflate all products, giving you a hands-off experience and peace-of-mind. 

2 Year Warranty

We fully guarantee the quality of all Union products for 2 full years after the date of purchase. We build all our products to the highest of standards. Union guarantees against any factory defects that may occur within the first 2 years of a product's life.


myAQUA is a user-friendly program we created to allow businesses to easily “build” a customized park.  It offers a chance to work with our engineering department using a template which can then be reconfigured base on the individual park needs.  

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Agility / Jumping