Full Service Installation

Union offers a full-service installation from start to finish. No matter the size or location we have a team of fully qualified installers that will be there for you every step of the way. We will do it right, do it fast, so you can open your park on time.

2 Year Warranty

We fully guarantee the quality of all Union products for 2 full years after the date of purchase.


We build all our products to the highest of standards. Union guarantees against any factory defects that may occur within the first 2 years of a product's life.


Union features are produced with industry leading materials and innovative construction. We guarantee durability with standard use and wear and tear for up to 2 years.


If at any point within the first 2 years your product has an issue that cannot be resolved we will offer you a full replacement to keep you park up and running.

Innovative Designs


Connection System

Ease of use. Safety. Durability. Our unique connection system between features exceeds expectations in all 3 of these categories. You can see and experience the time and effort we put into engineering this simple, but very import piece of your park.


Multiple Challenge Levels

We have designed in multiple routes within our features. Offering your park different challenges and ability levels without having to change out your features. Every time someone is in your park they can have a new experience or push themselves to a new level of excitement by choosing a new route to take.


High Volume Loading

Every aspect of your park experience is important, from start to finish. With our uniquely designed loading ramps we made it easy to get a high volume of people on and off your park with speed and ease.


myAQUA is a user-friendly program we created to allow businesses to easily “build” a customized park.  It offers a chance to work with our engineering department using a template which can then be reconfigured based on the individual park needs.

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