Take a journey into the wild world of aquatic inflatables and create your very own aquapark piece by piece! Using your satellite location and personalized waterway measurements, you'll be able to explore the look and layout of the park you craft.

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Designed by our own Union experts, we created myAQUA in order to make your experience as easy as possible. By personalizing one of our pre-made parks, any location, water depth and size, is achievable.

We have worked with several park owners to establish a baseline for the optimum set ups with our Cascade, Sierra, and Olympic collections giving park owners the broadest range of setups currently available.  myAQUA is a user-friendly program we created to allow businesses to easily “build” a customized park.  It offers a chance to work with our engineering department using a template which can then be reconfigured based on the individual park needs.

myAQUA is focused on delivering the most unique, fun and challenging on-water experience. But we are also focused on shaping and progressing an industry through design and engineering. We are rethinking how products are made and function through years of experience in watersports, aerospace and science. Looking at every aspect from a engineering point of view.




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